Final report

The Private Corruption Barometer (PCB)
Drafting and piloting a model for a comparative business victimization survey on private corruption in the EU

Andrea Di Nicola
Giuseppe Espa
Fabrizio Costantino
Maria Michela Dickson

Margherita Andaloro, Tihomir Bezlov, Stefano Bonino, Vera Ferluga, Guillermo García, Sandro Mattioli, Giulia Norberti, Jesús Palomo, Ana Perianes, Alexander Stoyanov, Manuel Villoria

ISSN 2284-3302
ISBN 978-88-8443-807-2

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Final conference

Towards a common method to measure private corruption in the EU Member States

Brussels, 27th April 2018, 9.30–13.00
Common Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol – Trentino in Brussels
45/47, Rue de Pascale - 1040 Brussels



Agenda (pdf)

Victimization survey

The Private Corruption Barometer project will contribute to the EU priority of the targeted “Call for proposal” which foster an “analyzing and providing data and/or tool to fight corruption”, by developing the first tool to gather comparative information on a hardly graspable and measurable phenomenon. Using a victimization survey on businesses makes it possible to beyond the limitations of official crime statistics and to produce more reliable “indicators and statistics measuring corruption across Member States”